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I’ve been holding off on registering for the Philadelphia Marathon because of money, but the deadline for personalized race bibs was yesterday.

So I signed up! 3rd year in a row! I’ll be reluctant to spend any money between now and Friday, but it’s totally worth it for spectators to read your bib and cheer for you by name! Those final miles are so much easier that way!

Training plan said 17. I wanted to run 18. Perhaps I enjoyed the coastline a little too much. Ran 20. #marathontraining #running #eatALLthethings

"Did someone say breakfast?"

No school work can get done with this asshole around. And by asshole, I mean giant affectionate ball of fur.

Feelin like a little bit of a failure today. I set out to run the 30k, but called it a race at the 20k mark (the race was a 10k loop and you had the choice to run it up to 3 times). I started unravelling at the 10 mile mark and the decision to end it early came quickly thereafter.

There was a freak downpour at the 6.5 mile mark that soaked me from head to toe, the humidity was super high (which made cooling off impossible), I didn’t eat enough pre-race for an 18 mile run, my right knee started to hurt at the tibial tuberosity, and I started to feel some unwanted chaffing at the 8 mile mark. So yea, I ended it early. No need to hurt myself. One solid takeaway is that I held my goal pace for almost the whole run. So all was not lost!

It was the 5th straight weekend I’ve thrown on a race bib, totaling out to 111 miles. Next time I put a bib on will be for the Baltimore Marathon in 4 weeks!


Half Iron triathlons consist of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 mile run. This was my second attempt at the distance, with the first one being almost exactly 2 months prior (you can read about that one here).

Fair warning: This recap’s a long one!


Like for any big race, I was up 3-4 hours prior to the race start in order to eat breakfast. This meant a 3:30 alarm. Ughhh (I will not miss those). I hopped up, made and inhaled my breakfast, showered, packed my tri bag (AT LEAST I THOUGHT I DID!), and threw the rest of my stuff into my bags so I could checkout of the hotel. The girls I went to the race with said I could leave some bags in their room so I could take a shower afterwards, so that put me into a different mindset, trying to figure out what to leave in the hotel and what to put in my car. I had 1 hour to do all of this. It was entirely too much to do.

I hit the road and got to the race venue fairly early. Transition wasn’t open yet so I decided to get my bike looked at by the bike mechanics setup outside of transition. They reassured me that I was good to go, after taking it for a ride, and wished me luck. By that time transition had opened so I made my way up there to get everything ready. I racked my bike, unpacked my bag, and started to lay everything into the proper areas on my transition mat. I got everything organized and felt like something was missing. I started to go through everything I needed and looked at my wrist… I FORGOT MY GARMIN AT THE HOTEL!!! At this point I started to freak out. How am I supposed to cover 70.3 miles without the watch?? I ran back to my car, thinking maybe it was there, to no avail. It was still sitting on the arm of the chair where “flat Chris” laid the night prior. I called the hotel and asked if they could retrieve it, but I knew there wasn’t enough time to get it and make the swim start, so I changed my race plan. There was nothing I could do, it’s race day, shit happens. It’s go time.

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Hands down my favorite half marathon! The #shorelinesharks never disappoint. No PR today, but I’ll take the 1:49 six days after the half ironman! #gulfbeach #running #racemedal #halfmarathon

"C - I bet it flattened itself out and went right through a seam in your wall.

D - I don’t think there’s anything in the laws of nature that support that…

C - Cats do not abide by the laws of nature, you don’t know shit about cats.”

Trying to get work done while being stared down by this lump of fur. He’s got the life.

My Quassy half iron medal has officially been retired to the wall of fame! The Pumpkinman medal will be displayed on my rear view mirror (alongside last year’s Philadelphia marathon medal; unless I PR my marathon this year, too) until the next time I PR my half iron time. It’s just something that I like to do that keeps me motivated.

For some reason I’m feeling amazing two days after the 70.3, but two days after the 20k last week I wanted to jump off a bridge. The weather will always be my nemesis.

I’ve been writing down all of the occurrences that happened during the race, so I should be able to write a comical recap sometime this weekend. Most likely it’ll be after the half marathon on Saturday!

You know what happens when you forget your Garmin at the hotel and consume over 250oz of fluid during the race?

50 minute PR!

Ecstatic isn’t even close to how I feel now! Triathlon season (for me) is officially in the books!

I’ve kinda fallen off the face of the social media planet as of late, but that’ll happen when the end of half-iron training goes head on with the start of a new school semester.

Finished off my last training session with a 10 minute OWS (pictured), 30 minute ride, and 10 minute run at 6AM in CT. Now I’m 4 hours north in Maine awaiting the inevitable asswhoopin that is the Pumpkinman. I visited the race site and was pleased about the swim venue, it looks very doable. The transition from swim to bike is another story… DO YOU SEE THAT HILL?!?! They actually have a separate award for the fastest ascent out of the water to the transition. How bout No. I’ll be taking my time.

And “flat Chris” is much more complex when it comes to triathlon. I swear it’s like going into battle when preparing for a tri, I had an anxiety attack wondering about what I forgot at home.

11 hours and counting…

Hot. Hot hot hot. Why did summer decide to show up today? Nice and easy 20k in 2:02, no PR attempt since I’m tapering. Boo. #newhavenroadrace #running #racemedal @instamedals

Intense stare down with a flock of seagulls… 1 week until the big race! #pumpkinmantri #ows #shortbeach #training

I could NEVER find a pen in my backpack last semester.

I think I found them all in my center console…

School starts back up Friday. Seriously, this summer was a blur.

2 5Ks
2 Sprint Triathlons
1 Duathlon
1 Half Marathon
1 Half Ironman

Yup. A blur.

Remember that time I got my coworkers to compete in a half ironman? Well, the guy who gave me the most shit is getting his payback. He said he’d never do another half ironman (a statement which he already reneged on) and now convinced the owner of the dealership we work at to sponsor a relay team to swim 15 miles from NY to CT.

Fuck me.

If it falls on the same weekend it’ll be a week after Lake Placid 2015, and 3 days after my 30th birthday.

If the Ironman doesn’t kill me…