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Where should I start? Well, this race wasn’t meant to be a “race” per say, just a 20 mile training run according to my marathon training plan for the Philadelphia in November. I used it to try out some new stuff and gained a bunch of valuable information. Here we go!

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Wrote my recap for the Baltimore marathon and it’s LONG. I feel like I should apologize to mobile users now.


Just have to add all of the pictures to it and It’ll be all set. But that’ll be tomorrow. I need some sleep. My legs are wrecked. I’m sure the 6 hour drive home didn’t help either. THANKS NYC TRAFFIC!

5th marathon in the books! 3rd fastest doesn’t seem too bad as a training run. Now excuse me while I “Madison Bumgarner” these beers… #baltrunfest #baltimorerunningfestival #marathon

Whoever said “all you need is a pair of sneakers to run” OBVIOUSLY wasn’t talking about running a marathon.

I think I’ve actually remembered everything for this race, but we’ll see in the morning when I’m getting ready. I’m sure there’s at least one thing I’m missing. And I’m not setting up a “flat Chris” because of the whole pumpkinman incident, no way in hell I’m forgetting my gps watch THIS time. Or ever again, for that matter.

I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about tomorrow’s race. My training has been straggling a bit but I plan on staying with the 4:15 pace group the entire time. The 9:45 pace is A LOT slower than what I’m used to, so I’m hoping that I can just be patient for 3.5 hours and then see what I’ve got left at the 22 mile mark.

No marathon I’ve ever ran has gone to plan. This one seems like it has the potential to change that!

I now have a new standard for maximum happiness.

I now have a new standard for maximum happiness.

Buying running sneakers is one way to study for a Tests and Measurements exam, right?

My Saucanys are on their last miles, Baltimore will be their last hurrah, so I picked up the Kayano 21s to wear after the race when I retire the Guide 7s. Marathon anxiety is slowly creeping in; only 5 days left until 26.2 #5!

Never realize how sketchy the infinit powder looked until I put it in a plastic bag. Easy 8 miler to conclude the “rest” week. Baltimore 26.2 in 6 days! #running #infinitnutrition

I’ve been watching the live feed of the Ironman World Championship since 12:30pm (6:30am race start in Hawaii) and have been in awe of these athletes. The defending women’s Ironman World Champ, Mirinda Carfrae,  made up 14 minutes to grab the lead from Daniella Ryf and now the two of them are hauling ass on the tail end of the marathon! They’ve got roughly 2 miles to go, this is nuts! Pretty sure they’re on pace for a sub 2:50 marathon, AFTER SWIMMING 2.4 MILES AND BIKING 112 MILES!!!


I did this last year and it backfired BIG TIME.

I ran the Newport marathon last year in the place of a “20 mile long run” and decided to go for a PR when the race started, only to have it blow up in my face. It was my slowest marathon finish 5:07, and I probably should’ve gotten medical attention on-course due to electrolyte deficiency. I’m hard headed, so I just kept going.

In 12 days I’ll be running the Baltimore Marathon as a “20 mile long run,” and I’m starting to think I can PR my 4:17. In my head I KNOW I shouldn’t, but deep down I think I can. I’ve learned A LOT about electrolyte balance, sodium and potassium intake (ironically it was the week after I had my meltdown in Newport last year, I yelled at my professor for not teaching us fast enough, lol), and proper hydration, so I’ve gotten a better handle on my massive sweat rate. I ordered a new bag of Infinit nutrition, with increased CHO and Sodium (and caffeine just because), to play with during the race so I should be good to go.

My main goal is to Sub-4 in Philly, but I don’t think PRing by a couple minutes in Baltimore would be that much of a stretch…

A few shots from my run this morning; the trail never let’s me down!

21 miles the hard way. When “til I collapse” comes on at mile 20, you did deep and finish strong. #running #marathontraining

I’ve been holding off on registering for the Philadelphia Marathon because of money, but the deadline for personalized race bibs was yesterday.

So I signed up! 3rd year in a row! I’ll be reluctant to spend any money between now and Friday, but it’s totally worth it for spectators to read your bib and cheer for you by name! Those final miles are so much easier that way!

Training plan said 17. I wanted to run 18. Perhaps I enjoyed the coastline a little too much. Ran 20. #marathontraining #running #eatALLthethings

"Did someone say breakfast?"

No school work can get done with this asshole around. And by asshole, I mean giant affectionate ball of fur.

Feelin like a little bit of a failure today. I set out to run the 30k, but called it a race at the 20k mark (the race was a 10k loop and you had the choice to run it up to 3 times). I started unravelling at the 10 mile mark and the decision to end it early came quickly thereafter.

There was a freak downpour at the 6.5 mile mark that soaked me from head to toe, the humidity was super high (which made cooling off impossible), I didn’t eat enough pre-race for an 18 mile run, my right knee started to hurt at the tibial tuberosity, and I started to feel some unwanted chaffing at the 8 mile mark. So yea, I ended it early. No need to hurt myself. One solid takeaway is that I held my goal pace for almost the whole run. So all was not lost!

It was the 5th straight weekend I’ve thrown on a race bib, totaling out to 111 miles. Next time I put a bib on will be for the Baltimore Marathon in 4 weeks!