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Hot. Hot hot hot. Why did summer decide to show up today? Nice and easy 20k in 2:02, no PR attempt since I’m tapering. Boo. #newhavenroadrace #running #racemedal @instamedals

Intense stare down with a flock of seagulls… 1 week until the big race! #pumpkinmantri #ows #shortbeach #training

I could NEVER find a pen in my backpack last semester.

I think I found them all in my center console…

School starts back up Friday. Seriously, this summer was a blur.

2 5Ks
2 Sprint Triathlons
1 Duathlon
1 Half Marathon
1 Half Ironman

Yup. A blur.

Remember that time I got my coworkers to compete in a half ironman? Well, the guy who gave me the most shit is getting his payback. He said he’d never do another half ironman (a statement which he already reneged on) and now convinced the owner of the dealership we work at to sponsor a relay team to swim 15 miles from NY to CT.

Fuck me.

If it falls on the same weekend it’ll be a week after Lake Placid 2015, and 3 days after my 30th birthday.

If the Ironman doesn’t kill me…

7.5 before the race and then a sandy 2.7 mile beach run. The free beer made up for the rough terrain! #running @tworoadsbrewing

I was expecting my new stickers and headsweats running hat to come in today, not my aero helmet! Tracking info said it’d be here at LEAST by the 27th!

As happy as I am, I really hope the hat comes in tomorrow; I’ve got a 15 miler on Sunday that would be slightly easier with some shade!


im not a sore loser, it’s just that i prefer to win and when i don’t i get furious

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Yesterday’s view from the beach before the longest brick workout I’ve ever done. Half mile swim, 55 mile bike ride, and a 7 mile run. Today was just a 45 minute run, and was a few tenths under 5 miles. My body needs some TLC.

And an ice bath.

19 days until 70.3

2/3 done with the workout; .5 mile swim and 55 mile bike ride in the books, just a 90 minute run stands between me and some rest! @ridecannondale #profiledesign #specialized #cycling

Forgot to mention that I did my first intentional speed workout last night… EVER. AND I LOVED IT!! It was pretty short, 10 min warmup, 4x2 minute sprints with 2 minute recovery, followed by a 5 minute cool down. At one point, I believe my last sprint, I held it at 6:30min/mile for the whole 2 minutes! For someone who habitually runs in the 8s, I was pretty excited.

I’ve been running for 4 years and never cared for speed, just being able to cover a set distance comfortably, so this was interesting. I’ve got DOMS like WHOA in the vastus lateralis of both quads, and that makes me extremely happy because that means they’re actually being worked (it’s my weaker quad in both legs).

Needless to say I skipped today’s workout for some rest. Tomorrow’s a swim and run day. I’d like to do them back to back but I’ll probably bookend them around my 10 hour work day. Fun fun fun! (Not the work part.)

I’ve been peeved with the internet lately, mainly because everywhere I turned it was someone complaining/being negative, hence the reason I haven’t really posted anything of substance. I’m not about that negative life. (this is on my tool box at work and is referenced anytime someone comes to my bay and complains)

So on Monday, I walked out to my car before work and saw what I thought were cat paw prints all over my hood/windshield/roof. I was annoyed, mainly because I recently washed it, until I realized they were a raccoon’s prints. I LOVE raccoons! Their weird hands and ability to run on their hind legs is HILARIOUS.

As for the training? I competed in a sprint triathlon on Sunday and could’ve won an award had I put myself in the Clydesdale division, but I forgot to do it at prerace check-in. DOH!

I ended up with the second slowest swim, as expected, but hammered the bike and run. My bike average was a little over 18mph and my run was a little over an 8min/mile pace. I passed about 40 people after I got out of the water and it felt great! A bunch of the competitors I passed during the race came up to me post-race and commented on my fast pace on the bike/run, and that they didn’t feel so bad when they saw the 29 on my leg (most of the people I passed where at least 5 years older than me).

The race made me feel really good about my bike and run, but obviously still ticked off about my swim speed. I seriously thought everyone was playing a joke on me, because I was with everyone one moment and all alone the next. It’s like they hit a turbo button and left me floundering around. It seriously kills my confidence when I’m so far back in the pack.

Since the race I’ve hit all of my workouts with an added focus and it’s felt great. I’m finally comfortable producing power in the aero position on the bike, and A LOT better at moving my hands around without the feeling of going out of control and crashing.

My plan calls for a 45 minute ride tomorrow, but I think I’m going to throw in an interval swim before work too. I always feel better when I get some laps in before work!

24 Days until the Pumpkinman 70.3!


forever my favorite post

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I have no idea what’s going on

Congrats, we have reached a period of time where there is a generation that does not remember the first memes.

All I saw was badgers and immediately said “mushroom, mushroom.”

And then I scrolled.


I guess I’m old.

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The Baltimore marathon medal was unveiled online and it has a bottle opener.

Talk about the perfect reason to wear my medal everywhere!

Pretty much my attitude lately.

Pretty much my attitude lately.