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Easily the most amazing/inspiring thing I’ve ever been a part of. Can’t wait to give this bitch a go next year!

The atmosphere here is INSANE! 2700 competitors, 1100 of which are first-timers, starting their 140.6 mile journey! I was nervous just WATCHING the swim start. I’ve taken, and will continue to take, tons of pictures and videos and will try to find a way to upload them without flooding tumblr. This is probably the most inspiring thing I’ve ever been a part of!

Side note: buying a rain jacket (it’ll be raining here all day) and external battery charger for my phone was a game changer. Down to 42% after three hours of pics and videos, no way it’d make it past midnight!

One bag for training gear, one bag for clothes, and one bad for “odds and ends.”

The way I see it, my 10 hours volunteering is easy compared to those who are pushing for 140.6 miles, so the least I can do is be entertaining!

23:50 5k, 7:40 pace, and 2nd out of 13 from the dealership. Had one of the guys pull up on me on the home stretch and made me push harder than I’ve ever pushed in any race, it almost made me throw up. But I wasn’t losing, so I held it until I crossed, haha.

Now? Beer.



10 Jobs For Wombats [video] [h/t: sizvivdeos]

Look at each of these Gifs. If this does not make you smile … then I feel very sorry for you.

Officially on vacation! I clocked out after my millionth recall of the day (thanks, General Motors) and let out a loud WOOO! Having 5 days off is such a good feeling.

Hitting the pool at 6am for an interval workout, busting out Catalina around noon for a relaxing ride, and running one of my favorite organized 5Ks with my coworkers tomorrow night. Just the way I’d like to start any vacation!

Was tagged by lizzielulu114 to post six pictures I love of myself. I was hesitant at first, because I’m not a fan of taking pictures to begin with, but i actually found it hard to narrow.

Since I don’t really post pictures of myself, this should be a good way for my newer followers to learn what kind of person I am, haha.

(Left to right, top to bottom.)

1. Because fireworks. Nuff said.

2. Lounging with a panda at the Memphis Zoo.

3. No fucks given on the Warrior Dash NY course.

4. Finishing my first 26.2 at the NJ Marathon. Also because ‘Murica

5. Back when I was probably my heaviest (almost 250?).

6. Before and after I entered and won the bendoeslife summer weight loss challenge.

I’m picking people based on my top 5 “liked” blogs at the moment (in no particular order), now it’s your turn! ineedasweetdistraction efreitri 500fairytales h-co3 notjustrunnershigh

I’m so excited about my trip to Lake Placid I skipped Tuesday entirely. I genuinely thought today was Wednesday. All day.


My original plan was to go up there and relax, primarily making sure the bar at the Lake Placid brew pub was sturdy, in between my volunteering duties. But I decided today that I’d run a lap of the marathon course (13.1 miles) as soon as I got there, followed by a 1.2 mile lap of the lake. I’ve been informed about some good hiking trails so I’ll definitely be doing that, too. I received a lot of feedback from athletes saying that volunteers are all over the course putting in training, and that once an athlete gets there it’s all they’re going to want to do. I’m so hyped, it’s ridiculous, haha.

Originally I was a little down, but I’m kinda glad I’ll be going alone. This gives me free reign to do a lot of exploring on my own.

Charlie’s songs | “Keyboards just make sense to me, man. I get ‘em, you know.”

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Thoroughly surprised myself this morning in just about every aspect of the race. The swim sucked, I only swallowed salt water once, but I was able to get into a rhythm about halfway through the swim course. I still can’t swim straight to save my life, but I did make it out of the water faster than at least one person in my AG (he’s also a friend who was competing in his first tri, so I made it my mission to bury him; it was nothin personal haha).

The bike course had a few rollers and one semi long climb. I actually went back and forth on my big ring with ease, something I’ve been deathly afraid of doing due to my fear of dumping the bike (if I pick my hands up). I passed a bunch of people even before the run. It felt great!

My legs felt like jelly when I started the run and I thought I was crawling. That was until I looked at my pace and it was in the low 8s. I just went into autopilot and passed just about everyone I saw. I passed a guy at the turnaround and he told me I was flying and didn’t know where my energy was coming from. I told him that this was the easy part for me and pushed on. The final mile was in the low 7s and I passed 5 people down the finishers chute. It felt awesome finishing strong.

I’m not sure of my official time, but it’s somewhere in the 1:45 range. All I know is that I didn’t drown and I buried my friend by close to 25 minutes. Love it when Sunday starts this way!

Such a gorgeous morning for a race! I really luck out when it comes to tri weather. My only goal is to beat ONE person out of the water. We’ll see how that goes.

Also, I may have too much stuff… Or not.

Day trip to the Bronx for the Yankees-Reds game. Gettin my carb loading on for the sprint triathlon tomorrow!

I originally planned on camping with some friends at a sight near the Lake Placid Ironman next weekend but my friends decided to suck donkeyballs. That left me to find other people to join me for a long car ride (filled with a lot of my singing), camping in the wilderness for 4 days, and spending almost 18 hours in Lake Placid on race day, 10 of which would be volunteering.

Not exactly an excursion that most people I know would do.

So I decided I’d camp alone. Sure, it’d be lonely, but there’s plenty of awesome in the Adirondacks. I was pretty pumped for it until I started to figure out logistics. Getting back and forth to placid would be tough with road closures and the massive amount of people in town for the weekend. I figured my bike would be a good option but I really didn’t want to leave it anywhere in town while I was walking about (I never let Catalina out of my sights when she’s out of the house). The icing on the cake was checking the 10-Day forecast today. It’s projected to rain Friday and possibly Saturday.


I’ve already been camping during a rainstorm once this year, and it was only bearable because I had a ton of beer and my friends. This time I’d have less beer and no one to pass the time with.


So I started to look for hotels close to placid. HA! Places OUTSIDE of placid were charging 450 PER NIGHT! WTF! I started looking farther away to no avail. There’s nothing in upstate NY except for mountains, trees, and bears. I checked a spot that a friend suggested and actually found a reasonable room (for the proximity to the venue and date; the price was still ridiculous for the amenities). Instead of jumping on it I decided to check other sites for the same hotel. I typed in saranac lake in trivago and it came up with a hotel with a similar price that is RIGHT ON MIRROR LAKE IN LAKE PLACID!!!! THE RACE STARTS IN MIRROR LAKE! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! YESSSSS!!

So yea, I jumped on it. I’m so pumped right now! I’ll actually get to swim in mirror lake, possibly ride Catalina on course (on saturday, of course) and definitely do some running!

It also doesn’t hurt that the Lake Placid Brewery is 8/10ths of a mile from the hotel… WOOO!

Happy early birthday to me!

h-co3 said: Is this training for next year’s imlp? Or do you have something planned for later this summer? Are you going to do quassy again next year?

Yes, Yes, and probably Yes. I want to raise my aerobic capacities before Ironman training officially begins next year, so I’m registered for another 70.3 in September and full marathons in October and November. I’m doing the Pumpkinman 70.3, it’ll be my second half-distance, and I’m really looking forward to it. Quassy, as much as it kicked my ass, will probably be on the race list next year as it’s eerily similar to the Ironman course. I figure by that point I’ll be well into training and can really kick that course’s ass.

Wanted to end my workout at the 35 minute mark of my run. I even started to turn the treadmill off. And then it happened.

Eminem’s “til I collapse” started playing in my ears.

That was it. The last time I heard that song was when I was pulling into the venue for the Quassy half-iron race. Needless to say I finished the hour run.

23 biked and 7 ran.

I’m hungry.