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2013 Gulf Beach Half Marathon Recap.

I don’t think it could’ve been possible to have a better race! Perfect weather + perfect course = perfect race! Since race recaps are rather drawn out I’ll stick to the things that stood out!

- Ran sub-8 miles for the first half of the race.
- Killed my 10k PR, almost 49 minutes flat!
- PR went from 1:51:59 to 1:45:33. ALMOST 7 minutes!!
-Finished 98th out of a field of 600. Top 10 in my Age Group!
- I weighed in 10lbs heavier today (195), compared to the same race last year(185), and demolished my PR. I’m throwing away my scale. (It’s not like I really used it anyway)
-Got a pretty fancy finisher medal and equally impressive race shirt! My multisport team really knows how to put together top notch races!

Overall, I’m ecstatic! I set my gps watch to Average Pace and made sure to keep it under 8:23, mission accomplished! I’ll take the 8:08 average pace, for a half marathon, all day!

  1. notjustrunnershigh said: Ahh! One day I wanna be as fast as you! :)
  2. kat-rd2be said: Awesome!!
  3. healthymarc said: Great run!
  4. malloryrunsthis said: That’s AWESOME! Congrats!
  5. mrcarlosbc said: Wow! Congratulations! A 7 min PR is incredible!
  6. katebikerun said: AWESOME JOB!!! cool shirt as well.
  7. confessionsofatypeathlete said: Wow!! Way to crush it.
  8. tinkerbellrun said: Congrats on such an amazing race with all the PRs!!!!!! :D
  9. seechrisrun said: Great job! And that shirt is awesome.
  10. fatman2fitman said: Congrats! Great run — and an awesome finisher’s medal.
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