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Chris, meet struggle bus. Struggle bus, this is Chris.

Quite possibly the hardest run (if you want to call it that) of my life.

In the end, though, I finished. I’ll take it.

Recap will be a little delayed, there’s free beer at the finish…

  1. kalamazu said: I’ve been wanting to do this one.
  2. seechrisrun said: Sorry to hear that. Valuable experience for the next one though.
  3. agirlrunsingeorgia said: Congratulations!
  4. runnergirlforlife said: Congrats!!!
  5. healthymarc said: Great job!
  6. bostonmarathon2012 said: I did beer first too and a nap
  7. tinkerbellrun said: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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