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Well, that’s more like it! Swapped out the normal laces with a set of speed laces and problem solved, shin splits gone! I hit the 1 mile mark and was waiting for the pain to hit but it never reared its ugly head, I guess I tied the laces too tight last time and cut off some circulation. Lesson learned.

Also, I received my 70.3 sticker in the mail. That’s when you know it’s about to get serious. I’ve got a 26.2 and 13.1 on the back window of my car, yes I’m one of those people, and can’t wait to put this bad boy back there on June 1st. My 20 week training plan officially starts next Monday but I’m hitting the pool tomorrow morning just to get reacquainted. I’m genuinely excited about having my ass handed to me by training and the beast of a race, it’s goin to be one hell of a ride (literally, the 56 mile bike portion of the race is allllll hills)!

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