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I only signed up for this race because of the medal…

I’m not really sure what happened today. Somehow I PR’d my 13.1 time on a course not known for being fast.

I’ve been nursing a nagging knee issue all week, the origin of my left gastroc felt strained, and it had me worried whether I’d be able to run today. Couple that with this course being notoriously hilly, and a PR was highly unlikely. It’s funny what a good pacer, and knowing a course frontwards and backwards, can do for you on race day.

I ran with my designated running partner, Sarah, and we settled on pacing around an 8min/mile. With my knowledge of the course, and her deciding when to speed up or slow down, we cruised through the ups and downs.

I let her take off around the 11 mile mark, she wanted to push to the finish, while I maintained my steady pace. I was pretty taxed but my garmin was showing that I had an outside shot at a PR. At that point I put it into another gear and dug deep. I made sure the average pace stayed static, and made mile 13 only two seconds slower than my fastest mile of the race. I was actually gaining on Sarah towards the end, but she caught on and made sure I had no chance of passing her (we’ve got a bit of a friendly rivalry going, haha).

Needless to say, I’m pretty proud of myself. I ran today’s race almost 13 minutes faster than last year’s, and beat my best 13.1 time by almost two minutes (previous pr course was pretty flat, too). Now I just have to resist the urge of eating everything in sight…

  1. exitrowiron said: Congrats on the PR!
  2. bibbermanblack said: Congrats on the PR! And that really is one awesome medal.
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