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It was a morning of “firsts.” ‘Twas the first time I rode my tri bike outdoors, first time in the aero position, first time I used my garmin for it’s intended multisport purpose, and above all, the first time I’ve seen a crucified Easter bunny.

-the crucified rabbit almost caused me to eat pavement. I had just started my ride, and was attempting to get into aero, when I saw that odd Easter display. I have no idea how I saved it, there were hands going everywhere, but eventually I got it under control.

-I was extremely paranoid about going into, and out of, the aero position but it was incredibly easy after a few attempts. Getting used to it might take a bit, though. Considering I was deathly afraid of taking my hands off the shifters on my road bike, this is a monumental achievement.

-the second thirty minute run was farther and faster than the first one, even with cramping in my quads. I’m not sure how I pulled that off. I’ve definitely gotta experiment with electrolyte replacement on the bike, the cramps were similar to the problems I ran into with each marathon.

-my tri saddle is a godsend. I picked this one out based on the engineering designed to provide “relief” where guys need it most, and after that 2 hour ride I feel great. I expected ischial tuberosity soreness, and that seems to be it! Specialized really hit the nail on the head with this one!

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